Sunday, 10 August 2008

Happiness isn't good enough for me. I demand euphoria!

Things that make me angry:
  • Television commentators who speak during the Olympic opening ceremony. Saying stuff like 'This is so nice. This must have been expensive. This is important to China. And, the worst one: How do they even do that!?!?' I want to hear the little girl sing goddammit!
  • Michael Phelps. His hotness is overrated.
  • When shipping on books from costs more than the actual book
  • When I drop stuff. Food in general, milk in particular
  • English with a Danish accent (this one contains tremendous amounts of self loathing)
  • Teachers who give you homework on the internet before you have even started school

  • Anygay, I just started my new job. It's okay, it's, like, me calling people for other people, asking them about their shopping habits and stuff like that. It's fairly easy, and it pays well, which are the two main factors that helps deciding what I'm gonna do. Also, I do have a slight interest in target group advertising strategy, so this fits me well.

I also want to apologize to all the people I called on Friday night. Friends shouldn't let friends dial drunk! But hey I didn't, as far a I remember (I remember a bit more than I would like to, to be quite frank) hurt anyone, just annoy them. As I so often do sober as well. I made you all a little animation about what my night was like.

Other than that there isn't much else to say currently. I start school on the 19. of augusst and I'm almost fully booked untill then so if I don't blog, don't take it personally.
this post was so utterly pointless.

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